Mohammadmehdi (Domim) is an illustrator, musician and actor from Iran. With a creative and fluent mind, Domim pulls inspiration from human nature, music and surreal art.

Elizabeth Quay

Justin Chancellor(Tool):
I guess writing music is hard if your head is full of waste…If you can let your head clear out, then almost everything is available…

A fan of Japanese Manga, and without any trainings, he was only 7 years old when he started creating comics out of imagination. His artistic character later directed him to local theaters and he appeared in various theatricals followed by an acting course in the Young Cinematographers Council.

Thanks to dear @mazidpic for capturing this beautiful moment

Later he became the anchor of TV series called Today’s Youth and directed few short films which were awarded in 2 national film festivals. Moreover, Domim is a professional bassist and recently produced and released his latest bass solo album called 4Sim.

Domim believes that picture and illustration are the oldest and strongest way of communication and expression of human feelings. He has been nurturing his illustration talents (in spite of all limitations in home country) by studying Character Design and Comic Strip in college and creating hundreds of fictional portraits and paintings. Some of his works have been demonstrated in a city hall exhibition in 2013.

Immersed in music, harmony, picture and rhythm, Domim has gained a unique perspective that leverages his illustration work to the higher level of creative art.